我们是一个勤奋的人 一群善良的人.

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我们是 说书人,创造者 & 建筑商.

嘿 there, we’re Sproutbox and we love partnering with our clients to help them reach their goals. When we’re not grinding away, you can find us playing spicy uno, darts, or charades.

有超过15年的商业经验, 300多名满意的客户, 超过6,000 successful projects – we have both the experience and expertise to help you grow.


联合创始人 & 合作伙伴

Hi I’m Noah, one of the co-founders and I lead all strategy and internet marketing here at Sproutbox. My professional background is in marketing leadership and software engineering. I live in the Portland area with my family and enjoy the occasional camping or fishing trip.


联合创始人 & 合作伙伴

大家好,我是Jeff,另一位联合创始人. 我一直对创造力充满激情 & 技术. I love working with our clients, partners, employees to help them reach their potential. 当我不工作的时候 you’ll find me hangin’ with the fam, mowin’ the yard or golfing.



大家好,我是媒体总监彼得. I’ve been making videos since I was 12 years old with my parents’ VHS camcorder. My passion is to tell authentic and engaging stories creatively. I love helping businesses communicate their mission through video, photo, social media content.



嗨,我是凯尔茜! 我是你所有创意的人, 包括品牌标识, 动画, 布局设计, 和更多的. Translating thoughts and ideas into visuals is my bread and butter. I love diving deep into what makes brands tick and creating visuals that reflect the core of a brand.



嘿,我是Courtney! I build creative websites that focus on a positive and impactful user experience. Whether we are taking on a one-pager or a full-scale web project, I am always ready for a challenge. When I’m not coding or moving pixels around, you can find me climbing mountains or catching waves.



嗨,我是泰勒! 作为我们的高级社会战略家, I’m involved in pretty much every aspect of the social media experience here at Sproutbox! I love creating content and running ad campaigns that drive traffic and amplify brand awareness across social. 当我没有深陷欧博最新网址平台的泥潭时, you can find me trying all the great food Portland has to offer and listening to music 24/7.

Regina Pilipchuk


你好! 我是Regina,我们Sproutbox的首席开发人员. 我喜欢把复杂的问题变成圆滑的解决方案. 当我不处理bug或者处理缓存的时候, you’ll find me involved in some sort of creative or organizational project at church, 户外享受自然, 或者想出一个新的食谱.



大家好,我是艾弗里! 我是Sproutbox的首席设计师! Nothing makes me happier than brainstorming thoughtful creative solutions to design problems. 下班后, 你通常可以看到我在遛我的狗煎饼, 在小路上跑来跑去, 或者学习如何扔陶器.



嘿! 我是那种脖子上总挂着相机的人! I love taking ideas and translating them into visual media! 没有视频太大或太小. When I’m not on a film set, I’m hanging out with my wife and two cats Mochi and Meeko.



嗨,我是莱利,Sproutbox的市场经理! I support clients through their marketing journey, from ideation to strategy to implementation. 离开我的办公桌,你会发现我从山上摔下来. Hood on my snowboard, jumping up and down at the front of a concert, or snuggling with my pets.



嘿! I’m Asia, the 社交媒体经理 here at Sproutbox. I love storytelling and helping brands inspire their audiences through social media. 工作之余, 你可以看到我在画画, 播放音乐, 重新整理我收集的室内植物, 或者和我的伴侣和我们的狗一起散步, 卡莉.



嗨,我是卢西安! 我是Sproutbox的内容撰稿人. From cranking out blog posts to developing content strategies for new websites, I love helping our clients make authentic connections with their customers through words. 当我不在房间里踱来踱去琢磨文案编辑的时候, 你可以在小路上找到我, 和我女儿开舞会, or drinking tea and watching British reality TV shows with my wife.



Hi, I’m Manny, I’m the project manager here at Sproutbox with a passion for all things creative. My job is to make sure that the right amount of pressure is put on the right projects at the right time to make your ideas happen! I love to connect with people and am passionate about how brands use creativity to tell powerful stories. 当我不工作的时候, 你会发现我在打网球, 遛狗, 或者最有可能在波特兰地区吃到美味的食物.

Devyn Nemeth


大家好,我是Devyn! 作为Sproutbox的社交媒体专家, I’m all about supporting brands in reaching their target audiences on social media and creating engaging content. 当我不完善我客户的Instagram图片时, you can find me reading the newest tell-all celebrity memoir, 做我最喜欢的菜, 或者和我丈夫和我们的狗一起远足, 菲比.


Jr. Web开发人员

Hi! I’m Molly – the resident Junior Web开发人员 here at Sproutbox. I’ve always loved solving the intricate puzzles of creativity and 技术. When I’m not engineering in the matrix, you can find me engineering in the real world! 建筑灯具, 安装喷水灭火系统, 或者给我的旧车重新装饰, 我总是乐于接受亲自动手的挑战.


Jr. 平面设计师

大家好,我是斯宾塞! As the Junior 平面设计师 here at Sproutbox, I eat, sleep, breathe design. I’m all about communicating ideas through the visual realm and finding creative ways to engage with audiences. If I’m not at my desk, I’m probably rocking out at a concert.


照片 & 视频编辑器

嘿,我是克林顿,照片 & 视频编辑在Sproutbox! Don’t worry about how many times you said “uh” or “um” because I’ve got you covered! I’ve had the chance to create content for some incredible brands, 期待与您的合作! 当我不做后期制作的时候, you can find me on the Deschutes reeling in monster trout, 或者在我的卡车上扭来扭去!



Hi! 我是社交媒体欧博最新网址专员麦肯纳. I’ve been managing social media campaigns for 3 years now and love how I can work in a blend of creativity and strategic planning. When I’m not scrolling through social media conducting very important research, 我喜欢去新的地方旅行, 读一本好书, 一边画画一边听音乐, 或者和我的狗Kiya玩接球游戏.


Jr. 平面设计师

你好! I’m Ellie, the Junior 平面设计师 here at Sproutbox. I love all things design and being able to tell a story through branding and visual elements. 当我不做设计或对字体发呆的时候, 你可以看到我从山上滑雪而下, 倾听头脑和心灵的声音, 或者尝试开一家新的咖啡店.



汪! 我是洛奇,Sproutbox的看门狗. 当我不舔死入侵者的时候, 你会发现我在啃骨头, 在沙发上打盹, or shamelessly getting belly rubs from my Sproutbox peeps. 



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